What is the Quadpuck?

     The Quadpuck Systems are patented sip and puff devices that enable the physically challenged to operate electronic components and computers independently and at will. It allows the physically limited to make and act on a realm of personal choices ranging from home entertainment.....to education.....to new and exciting career options.
     In technical terms, the Quadpuck is a pneumatically-controlled, user-operated computer and electronics switch interface device. It changes vacuum pressure signals into electrical or infrared impulses that activate the commands as pressing buttons on computer peripherals and home electronic components.

What can it do for me?

     In the home, or recreational environments, the Quadpuck I RC and AirStick I GC enhances the quality of life by enabling the physically challenged user to control the full range of functions of virtually any electronic entertainment component or video game with the "dexterity" of a magician.


     The Quadpuck I RC signals infrared electromagnetic current, and can have several different remote controls programmed into it. It allows a physically challenged individual, through sip and puff technique, to select and totally control the functions of electronic components such as TV's, VCR's, compact disc players, receivers, tape decks, etc.

     Quadpuck AirStick I GC signals electrical impulses. Allowing up to 12 different functions and as many as 4 different functions simultaneously with one mouthpiece, it interfaces with Super Nintendo®, enabling the player or players to be just as competitive as anyone else. It allows physically challenged children and adults to play and sharpen their skills and reflexes, and to enjoy a dimension of fun previously unavailable.


     In the educational and business environment, the Quadpuck I CPU and Quadpuck AirStick I CPU opens the door to a dazzling variety of once prohibited trades and professions by enabling the user to interface with existing computer software. The potential is so exciting that it will undoubtedly spawn a new generation of software applications.

     These twoQuadpuck models allow the user to interface with computer peripherals such as the joystick, mouse, trackball, and digitizer. It permits any physically challenged person who has problems pushing buttons to be able to sip or puff and control the computer peripherals as easily and proficiently as anyone else.

     This new and vital technology will totally eliminate the limitations of the physically challenged in a wide range of computer-related professions. It will put them on truly equal ground for equal employment opportunities. It will avail to employers a new resource of some of the world's most capable and eager minds.

     AirKeys© for windows is a virtual (on-screen) keyboard designed for use with two models. With AirKeys©, a user, who is unable to use a keyboard, can now work in AutoCAD®, type letters, and send commands to any windows program, such as Microsoft Office®, Lotus 1-2-3® and Wordperfect®.

     Jerry Cromer, Sr. (left), and Jerry Cromer, Jr. (right), Co-Inventors of the Quadpuck Systems. Jerry Cromer, Jr., founder of Cromer's Enterprises and a C4-C5 quadriplegic, dreamed of a career in Computer Aided Design Engineering (FULL STORY). The Quadpuck I CPU and Quadpuck AirStick I CPU interface perfectly with AutoCAD®, and can be adapted to virtually any business software application.

Quadpuck I CPU and Quadpuck AirStick I CPU
for IBM® & 100% IBM Compatibles

     The Quadpuck I CPU has many productive uses. One of which, in conjunction with AirKeys© is in the CAD environment, interfacing with the CalComp® Drawing Board II and III Digitizer. This model requires some limited upper shoulder and arm movement.

     The Quadpuck AirStick I CPU emulates a mouse and combined with our AirKeys software, will allow someone with absolutely no arm control to effectively operate any Windows program. This Quadpuck design, with its single mouthpiece, surrenders full competitive working potential to the user.

     An important advantage of these models to many businesses is that they in no way limit the computer, software, or peripherals to use by the physically challenged. These models are mounted on a swing arm or stand that can simply pivot out of the way when not in use with the system. The Quadpuck I CPU and the Quadpuck AirStick I CPU are DOS, Windows and OS/2 compatible.

     Any Quadpuck system can be modified to meet the needs of specific degrees of disabilities, ranging from moderate to severe, based on individual cases.

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